A Unique Gift from the Tooth Fairy

A perfect baby tooth keepsake

ABC Tooth Fairy is here to help unfold the Fascinating and Magical event of losing a baby tooth! Look no further, we have everything you need to make this event a happy and positive experience for every boy and girl!

A must have, is our “Tooth Fairy Guiding Light”! It Sparkles and Shines as it “Guides” the Tooth Fairy, to the child’s room at night. The Light arrives with a Tooth Fairy poem and a small draw string pouch that holds the lost tooth, when placed under the child’s pillow at night.

The Baby Tooth Organizer Book is a wonderful Tooth Fairy Keepsake! It opens to a dial that securely holds each lost baby tooth and a Baby Tooth Chart, for guidance as to when the baby teeth will erupt and when they will be lost. With each additional visit by the Tooth Fairy, she can place the newest baby tooth in its proper place for safe keeping. This is a most unique gift, for the Tooth Fairy’s 1st visit. An additional treasure is always left behind!

Are you looking for a unique one of a kind Baby Shower gift? How about a clever Birthday gift for a child, ages 1 to 5 years old! Need a gift for a client? Every grandchild should have this Tooth Fairy giftset! Send it to a niece or nephew! Or most importantly, an enchanting gift for your precious little one!

Continue to revisit abctoothfairy.com as we grow! New children’s educational Tooth & Tooth Fairy related items are in development and coming soon! Keep Smiling!

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