About ABC Tooth Fairy

Happiness in life is everything and who can’t be Happy when seeing the Magic of the Tooth Fairy unfold!

Thus, ABC Tooth Fairy has been created and it has been a long time in the making!

I graduated from West Liberty State College in 1985 (West Liberty University) with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene. That gives me over 30 years of tooth stories to tell – but I won’t.

The ABC stands for Aunt Barbara Curry.  Many years ago, one of my nieces called me ABC and it has stuck with me. I have been blessed with being an Aunt to 19 nieces and nephews and at current count 17 great nieces and nephews. They learned early on, that I knew the direct phone number to the Tooth Fairy!  Some of my most cherished moments, have come from their phone calls, pictures and now FaceTime’s, asking me to contact the Tooth Fairy about their latest lost tooth!

This company has been formed out of my passion for Dental Hygiene, the love and excitement of many children and some exceptional life events coming together to form ABC Tooth Fairy!

I have plans to expand this company with future Tooth Fairy products and educational avenues for improving children’s dental health. Thank you for allowing me to help you create that Magic and Happiness for others!