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Tooth Fairy Gift Set for Boys

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for a boy that is going to lose his first tooth, then this Tooth Fairy gift set by ABC Tooth Fairy is the perfect choice. This gift has everything you need to make his first tooth loss a lasting memory.

Product Description

Each set comes with a Baby Tooth Organizer Keepsake Book, a Drawstring Pouch for the Baby Tooth and “The Tooth Fairy Guiding Light”!

Choose for a Boy or Girl!

The Baby Tooth Organizer Keepsake Book measures 6 in x 7 in when closed.  The Tri Fold closes with a magnetic flap and has a secure dial inside to hold the teeth in place as they are lost. The dial has a corresponding picture to match the tooth to the proper space. This is the perfect gift to be “left” by the Tooth Fairy on her 1st visit! It can then be left out for her to place the newest lost tooth in, at her next visit!

A helpful Baby Tooth Chart is on one of the inside flaps! It shows the time frame for when each Baby Tooth will erupt and also the time frame for them to be lost! The chart has a space for you to document the dates of these wonderful events. On the opposite inside flap, is space to add the child’s name and place an adorable toothless picture!

The Tooth Fairy Guiding Light is a Magical way to help the Tooth Fairy find the lost tooth at night! Simply place the battery operated Flickering Tooth Fairy Guiding Light in the room where the Tooth Fairy will see it and know she has found the right place to leave her treasure!  This light has approximately 100 hours of light time to it. However, an inexpensive 3v coin battery will extend its usefulness.

The Tooth Fairy Guiding Light poem can be read each night when the light is placed on!

The Poem reads:

The Sparkle and Shine of this Flickering Light

When placed in your room

Will guide the Tooth Fairy to your Tooth this Night

Place your Tooth in this Bag and pull the strings Tight

Then Slip it under your Pillow while you Sleep

When the morning comes, much to your Delight

A Treasure will be found for you to Keep


The Drawstring Pouch will hold the lost tooth for the Tooth Fairy to find. She can then place the much anticipated treasure back in the pouch after removing the tooth.

Each set includes a gift/storage box and tissue.


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